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This was a 2017 documentary on Showtime, available on demand. This is about the two inmates who escaped from an upstate NY prison with the help of a female prison employee.

It's one of the most realistic and riveting documentary I've seen in a long time. 7 episodes. Worth seeing!


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Ben Stiller certainly proved he has some great abilities as a producer/director as well has comedic chops! I really enjoyed the series and admired how the two murderers were portrayed in the episodes leading up to their escape. The viewers knew they were "bad", but it was easier to identify with their "humanity" until the episode which showed why they were sentenced to Life terms in the first place.

The woman who assisted the two felons in their escape also seemed to be portrayed honestly and (for better or worse) viewers got to know her much better during a flashback episode which was provided about the time the two convicts made it outside the prison walls.

The series was really well done on all levels, both to document the incident and as a serious drama that certainly provided entertainment and lots of topics for serious discussion.

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I agree with all that was stated above. Really well done.

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It is well worth watching.

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