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only took 10 seasons for them to figure out basic medieval squad based warfare (large shields and polearms). Been saying for years that shields and polearms would be a much better strategy than each going in solo with hunting knives.

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Judith actress Cailey Fleming was on "The Talking Dead" following the season opener. TWD and the character aside, what a poised, smart and appealing kid, she was amazing. That said, it turns out she's twelve, looks about nine so I'm less shocked. Just a little.

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I was listening to TTD recording yesterday morning while I was doing computer work in my office. I agree wholeheartedly that Cailey Flemming is VERY well spoken for her age...very sweet little girl. The only thing was that her voice, when she spoke for a long time, was pretty grating, as it sounded like everything she said was spoken after a huge inhale of helium.

As for the show, it was OK...better than some of the fecal matter they've put out in years past. I just have to say that I find it hard to believe a satellite would be THAT intact after re-entry from a decayed orbit. I'm certain the whole thing would burn up and there wouldn't be anything found bigger than a flip flop. Let alone anything resembling "working" components...

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Anyone else get a Sam Elliot vibe from Jeffrey Dean Morgan regardless of what he's in?

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