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Just reminiscing from the past growing up and playing the guitar. If you wish you can list yours. Mine is varied and long. In no certain order. I no doubt forgot a few along the way too.

Jimi Hendrix
David Gilmore
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Duane Allman
BB King
Eric Johnson
Carlos Santana
Mark Knopfler
Jimmy Page
Ted Nugent
Eddie Van Halen
Yngwie Malmsteen
Earl Klugh
William Ackerman

And an honorable mention to one of my greatest influences and friend, little known Mike Dodd. He was one of my friends and a true genius on the guitar. Although a bit eccentric at times, at a very early age (early teens)he could hear a song played once and replicate it on the guitar note for note. No question, he could have gone pro. I could sit and listen to this young kid play for hours on end in total awe. When we were in our early teens, you would find him with a short blonde crew cut hair, thick glasses, and always wore cowboy boots. Known for being a bit eccentric, the early bands that gladly enlisted him were caught in the frustrations of him not showing up for the gig's and later laughing it off as a joke. He could be on the nutty side. But in my life, he was without doubt one of the best solo guitar players I've ever met. One of the first amazing things he did in front of me was one morning we heard Classical Gas by Mason Williams playing for one of the first times on the radio and I asked him if he could play it. He plugged in his ES-335 and note for note picked it off. I just sat there with my jaw opened. I was amazed and wanted him to teach me to play it..he just laughed, I too laughed, he looked much like the guy on TV called Poindexter from Felix the Cat Smile

Regards, Will G.
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Peripheral Visionary
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Chet Atkins
Tommy Emmanuel
JJ Cale add to the above.

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Early on, I liked guitarists like Rick Derringer, Robin Trower, Page, etc. Then when Eddie Van Halen hit the scene, he was the one that pushed me to save and get some Charvel guitar parts and build one (still have it). Later in college, my favorites were Robert Fripp (especially his stuff with Bowie), Adrian Belew, Alex Chilton, Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Bob Mould.

Nowadays, I like listening to Flatt and Scruggs.

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Favorites AND influences, that sounds like fun.

Mark Knopfler
David Gilmour
Mick Taylor
Eric Clapton
David Hidalgo
Keith Richards

Biggest influences on my own playing are: JJ Cale, Knopfler, Tony Joe White, Albert Lee and ironically, Dickey Betts. I say “ironically” because he was never a guitar player I really admired—-I sometimes found his style annoying, but I’ve been working on some Allman Brothers stuff like “Blue Sky,” and it’s really fun to play (or at least try to play, showing newly gained respect for him).

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Christopher Parkening.
Carlos Montoya.
Julian Bream.

EDIT TO ADD: John Williams.

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I haven't played in years, and never that well to consider influences. A friend of mine did play well enough and swiped his fair share from Roy Clark, Christopher Parkening, and Brian May.

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I've seen a few very good Guitarist back in the day. Let me say this Terry Kath RIP was the most criminally underrated guitarist in the history of music. I was only 14 or 15 when I seen him play. He was mesmerizing to watch.

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My favorite guitar player is Allan Holdsworth.

Honorable mention also goes to Alex Lifeson, Steve Howe, Jerry Garcia, Al Dimeola, Eric Johnson, John Scofield, Stevie Ray Vaughn.

But I play bass guitar, so my favorites are Jaco Pastorius, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, and Phil Lesh.

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Lifestyles aside, Steve Winwood,Pete Townshend,Jeff Lynne,Peter Frampton and Joe Walsh.

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Lots of my favorites in OP.
Knopfler, Clapton, Vaughan, others.

Tim Pierce- session guitarist. Dude has chops for sure. Played on 1000's of recordings including remastering recordings of some of the most influential musicians of our time.

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No guitarist list is complete with out mention of

Jeff Beck
Warren Haynes

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Festina Lente
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For something a bit different, I like Rodrigo Y Gabriela.

Sample below.

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I Am The Walrus
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John Lennon-great rhythm player
George Harrison-so precise and creative
Hendrix-no explanation necessary
Brian May-the way he layered guitars was amazing


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Sadly, I did a search to see what became of my good friend Mike and found his obituary online. He passed in January 2010. As part of a neighborhood guitar group we kinda drifted apart in the early 70's and wonder where his guitar accomplishments may have taken him. Listed here, were a few comments from friends listed on his obit. RIP Mike, you were one of the best I heard and had the pleasure to jam with..

October 12, 2014
Mike was a good friend of mine. We grew up in the same neighborhood. We were close during our teenage years. He played the guitar like no one else. His guitar playing was pure magic. I wonder if there is a recording somewhere, perhaps from one of the bands he was is in. Mike, thank you for watching over and protecting me and some of your friends on more than one occasion. God bless you ... May you rest in peace forever.

Jimmy Hughes
May 13, 2010
Michael, my brother in law, was a very kind person. Whenever I spoke with him on the phone, he would always end the conversation with "I love you". Although I never got to hear him play, Jon would always proudly tell me how talented Michael was.

Michael is with the Lord now, at peace, made whole again and playing some amazing guitar music. I love you Michael.

January 15, 2010
My cousins were and are both wonderful men. I am so grateful that I got to see them a couple of times a year the last few years of Mike's life.

January 12, 2010
Mike lived 2 houses away from my family and we visited quite often. He was a very kind and generous person. His musical talent was unmatched by anyone I knew at his age. He could play a guitar like ringing a bell. I myself and my family send deep condolences to his brother John and family.
Ron Blecha

Regards, Will G.
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parati et volentes
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Joe Satriani
David Gilmour
Eric Clapton
Carlos Santana
Pat Metheny
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thundersons post above with Tim Pierce reminded me of one of my best Les Paul flametops. It's electronics were replaced by Jim Rolph in Tenn, which consisted of original 59' and 58' vintage PAF's, vintage pots and sprague "black beauty" caps. The double white lead PAF was measured at 7.6ohms and the rhythm zebra PAF measured in at 8.2ohms respectively. The guitar had an awesome fat vintage sound of a LP. I always played it through vintage blackface Fenders with two custom built bass cabs loaded with 2-12" JBL's each. Got this idea from Ted Nugent who played with vintage Fenders stacked on several bass bottoms. Sounded great!

Regards, Will G.
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Fonky Honky
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If I had to pick a favorite, SRV.

I tend to like more heavy metal and blues rock, though. So...

Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold)
Chris Robertson (Black Stone Cherry)

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I was inspired by and listened to quite a lot, both old and youth, too many to recall every last one. But a few do seem to stand out over the rest:

Elmore James
Howlin' Wolf
Jimmy Page
David Gilmour
Buddy Guy
Albert King
Mike Bloomfield
Randy Rhoades
Dave Mustaine
Mark Knopfler
Mike McCready
John Bonamassa
Steve Fisher
Dimebag Darrell
Kenny Wayne Shepard
Rik Emmett

and most of all, Gary Moore.

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I would include Roy Clark. And Angus Young.

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Angus (AC/DC), Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick).
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