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saw it today , liked it , pretty well done , crazy rich asians was better .

the songs were ok , but with gaga;s vocal talent , they could have had better songs..

oh and we have WAY enough movies about addicts who happen to have talent .

lets move on , thanks

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Originally posted by Kevbo:
Who cares? This thread isn’t about politics. I could give a shit about her politics. She is entitled to her opinion the same as any of us. It doesn’t mean shit to me. I don’t care about her IQ, her politics, or her shoe size. The reason these people keep spouting off is because people (like you) place value in what they say, whether positively or negatively. Ignore it.

All I care about is she can sing and was in a movie that entertained my wife and I for two hours.

Why are you watching the late shows anyway? You know what they’re going to say, and you know they’re going to upset you. Why willingly put yourself in that position?

You’re entitled to not watch the movie because you hate her politics. But why bring that into a thread for those of us that did want to watch it? There are plenty of threads about politics and political vitriol. Shit, maybe I should start a “celebrities we hate and boycott because of their politics thread” and all of that can just go there, and then in threads like this we can just enjoy the movie.

Wow. Don't trip over your Celebrity worship.

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