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I just finished bingewatching the docudrama from Netflix: The Serpent and though it's frustrating to watch, highly recommend it. This story is about a serial poisoner/murderer who targets young "hippies" trekking their way through Thailand and other nearby nations for their money, jewelry, passports (to assume their identities) and because he (as a sociopath) enjoys exerting power over his victims. A Dutch lower level diplomat in Bangkok that takes his official responsibilities all too seriously is assigned by less interested members of the diplomatic staff to look into the case of a missing couple of vacationers from his country. When he discovers they've been murdered and were mistaken to be another missing couple from Australia (also murdered), he finds common threads linking their deaths to far too many others.

It's a well acted, directed, and written story based upon real characters, that will engage and anger you when it becomes obvious how corruption and outright disinterest allowed the offenders to kill for so long with impunity. The central character is clearly a sociopath, well deserving of capital punishment, but no spoilers from me.... Wink

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Sounds quite interesting. I’ll check this out once the weather gets too hot to do much outside. Thanks for the heads up.
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Also thought it was very good. Makes you think about how many poor souls just disappear mostly because no one cares.
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Thanks. We were looking for a new series to watch.

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I just finished the series and really enjoyed it. The lead actor who played Charles/ Alain did a great job, as well as the supporting cast. I recommend watching this soon, as supposedly it’s on for a limited time.
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