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Schubert didn't suck.

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Schubert didn't suck.

But he did fuck, which is sad because he died of syphilis at the age of 31.

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Schubert is particularly noted for his Art Songs. Probably the most famous is Erlkönig. Here's a rendition by two of my favorite artists:

Gerald Moore (the accompanist in the above) wrote a book and later made a record called "The Unashamed Accompanist". The record is real hoot, and uses many Schubert Art Songs as illustrations--I recommend it to any Schubert fans (and also those of Gerald Moore).

He was truly a great composer, who wrote in almost all genrés, and died much too soon. His little "Mass in G" is my favorite Mass of all I've sung. It's one of his "shorter" Masses, in which he compacts it by having some of the Credo words overlapping in the parts (and even leaving out some of them). Here's a nice rendition of that Mass:


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