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SO...was I supposed to feel exhausted and, frustrated after watching this?

Was it the point of the movie makers, to make the audience feel the stress-filled, frustration roller-coaster that Howard's family and associates have when they're around him?

I knew a guy like Howard in college, he was the student-bookie who was horrible at it, truly a schmuck who tried to act like a manic stock-trader. Sandler embodied that stereotype.
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Ice age heat wave,
cant complain.
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A lot of agita watching that movie.

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I actually really liked it. I agree it fills the viewer with anxiety but even though anxiety isn’t a great feeling I was impressed at how well the movie made me experience an emotion. Movies don’t tend to do that to me.

The only thing that pissed me off was that I rented it on Amazon on Memorial Day, which just so happens to be the exact day that it got released on Netflix. I’ll never rent a movie again without looking online to find out what is being released soon on Netflix. Which I should have been doing already.

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I thought it was ok. I had captions on and think maybe that reduced the potential frustration It helped me feel a little more removed, which was probably a good thing.
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Agree with what everyone has said about movie and to add that I was a bit surprised about the ending.
Enjoyed it though.
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The same directors did ‘Good Time’ and that is a phenomenal film. Uncut Gems was just not nearly as good.

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Remarkably abrasive and manic, pretty much disagreeable characters top to bottom. Still, the film did what it set out to do well, I'm guessing a perfect ending.

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Spent $3.00 on this last December. I think I fell asleep.
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I started watching it on Netflix last week and turned it off half way through I thought it was so bad.
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Originally posted by remsig:
I started watching it on Netflix last week and turned it off half way through I thought it was so bad.

I think I made it about quarter of the way through. Was absolutely terrible.
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