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Hey everybody make sure you remember that MR. BARROW IS GAY!!!

Other than that unnecessary tangent it was pretty good. I do wish Lady Rose (Lily James) had been able to make an appearance. My wife watches the show and I've watched enough to know the plot outline but not all of the details.

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I enjoyed that film more than I thought I would. The tone was a little light and airy, but Julian Fellowes knows that world so well. I loved that the main storyline is that the staff is miffed that the royal servants are shoving them aside, and one of the many smaller b-stories is "Oh, by the way, someone's plotting to assassinate the king." Any other film would have that as its dominating a-story!

I liked that Mr. Moseley had some presence - he's one of my favorite characters. I really dislike that self-righteous Bates so I was quite happy they gave him NOTHING to do in the movie! I also appreciated seeing Lady Edith's cleavage. She cleans up well. I always preferred her over Mary (and Sybil).
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Bonnie wanted to go , so , I went with her .
I don't watch the tv show, s o o o o o .

2.5 hours ! Eek

car chases : 0
shot's fired : 0
flagrantly inappropriate sex scenes: 0
foul language : 0
explosions: 0
politics level : 2.3
cool vehicles : 5

I yawned about 7 times,
fell asleep for 20 minutes
no laughs , no giggles, no chortles, no titters.

would it have killed them to include John Cleese or Michael Palin ?

exterior shots were pretty ,
If this was the worst movie that I will see this year , I did well.

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