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Being such a massive fan of Stanley Kubrick, but loathing horror films, well I had to see this even if it made me cringe. The Shining was a masterpiece, like all of Kubrick’s work, so I had to see if the sequel would tarnish Kubrick’s film. It didn’t. This was actually very well done. Pays homage and at the same time something completely new. Decent sequel.

McGregor was superb once again. The guy must be on something because he seems to age much much slower than the rest of us. Rebecca Ferguson was also excellent, playing the evil bitch. Kyleigh Curran, playing the child, was surprisingly good too. And Cliff Curtis was in it, and also excellent. I’ve liked him as an actor since Blow and Training Day. At first I thought, here we go, more SJW bs, but no. I expected this to be a B film but turns out I was dead wrong and this was an excellent movie.

On 4k and in Dolby Vision, it was close to being reference in both picture quality and sound. You could make out individual hairs on McGregor’s beard. I’m sure on Blu-Ray it’s also excellent. Give it a watch if you passed on it prior. Some great writing (thanks to King mostly) and innovative ideas that expand from the Shining, at least the film version.

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I read the book back in 2013 and liked it a lot. When the movie came out I had to have it. I got it on BD only since the 4k disc didn't come with the director's cut. I wish the studios wouldn't pull that shit. Anyhow the BD does have the Dolby Atmos soundtrack. It's a good flick, I enjoyed it.

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Absolutely loved it! The wife and I saw it in the theater and I had a smile on my face the whole time. Incidentally, I went to school with Danny Lloyd, he played the little boy Danny in the Shining. He also had a small part in Doctor Sleep.
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Liked it quite a bit. Preferred the book, which was the first SK book I ever read. On my third now.
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The film was pretty good. I like that director, Mike Flanagan. He's really good with filming quiet creepy scenes sans shaky cam, typical jump scares, and ubiquitous overpowering generic ominous music. His previous Stephen King outing, Netflix's Gerald's Game, was also decent. Even the films that don't quite come together at the end, like his Absentia, Oculus, Hush, and Before I Wake, still have moments of impressively unsettling scenes. I think my one main complaint about the Doctor Sleep movie was that I didn't find it that scary, but I've never found Kubrick's Shining movie to be that scary either.

I still think the best example of Flanagan's work is Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House show. I thought that was chock full of genuine freakiness despite eschewing Shirley Jackson's original story completely. I'm looking forward to his upcoming Bly Manor/Turn of the Screw adaptation.
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