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This young lady has talent that's just about off the charts. She was 24 years of age when she made this video. She's won several huge awards. I'm now a fan. I don't play any music instruments but my friends who do are amazed by her skill level.

She really makes that 82 year old guitar shine! Here's a quote from the comments section: Her hammer ons and pull offs are so purposeful and clean. Masterful playing. She plays instinctively, like a hummingbird flaps its wings.


Link to original video:
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Love the great sound of a seasoned Martin. And she does that D-18 justice. Just listening makes me miss mine now more than ever, thanks for posting! I had an awesome sounding Martin D-28 I purchased in 1970, I often wonder how it sounds today if it's still played. The resonance of that guitar was incredible and eclipsed my later HD-35 purchased in 91'. I wish Molly a wonderful guitar journey for many years ahead, she has talent.

Regards, Will G.
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Wonderful playing and wonderful instruments reminds me of a great story.

My son played violin from about 4th grade through high school, first on a student violin borrowed from his cousin. His cousin assumed at one point nobody was playing it and asked for it back, so we were looking for another. His best friends mother is an accomplished player who plays in symphonies and she loaned him her backup, which was quite nice. The real story is how she came upon her dream violin.

She's in college in Texas and her sister calls gushing about her getting her dream violin. She prays to not be jealous of her sister. The next time she's home she finds her dream violin at a barn sale for $100. The bow was worth a thousand.
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I love the sound too.
Years ago we went to Utah on vacation. We visited a small town, named Kanab where many many cowboy movies were made, as well as the serial GUNSMOKE.
We went to eat in a restaurant there that had a side where there was a bar and tables and some entertainment. There was nobody playing when we ate. We walked to the tourist guide store there and saw a guy looking around there. I recognized that his picture was on the marquee outside the entertainment side of the restaurant.
He invited us to come watch him play and sing.
We did go. On his break, he came sat with us and bought us a drink. I told him I just loved the sound of his acoustic guitar. He told me it was an $8000 Martin. When he found out I played guitar, he invited me to come play and sing with him. Of course I wanted to see him play a while longer, so I did not go up and get us both run out.

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Very nice! Flat picking has got to be my most favorite style of guitar playing.

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Wonderful sound. They get better with age. My D35 is 47 years old now and is a resonant wonder. I have a Gibson J50 that’s 57 years old and has come into its own as well. I just wish I aged that well.
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She is an incredible picker and would make anything sound great, albeit, that Martin is special.

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Between Molly Tuttle, Billy Strings and Marcus King there is so much guitar playing talent it's unreal. Vocals from these three also excellent. Amazing young talent.

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Enjoyed the playing.

What is the number on the other side of the price tag?

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