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Slow tv night, we pulled up Monuments Men to watch in lieu of a baseball game....anybody else a Bob Balaban fan? Discuss his other roles from Miami Vice to Gosford Park with other times I’m sure I’ll pickup some more viewing suggestions.

William Gullette
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I never thought of Balaban as someone who'd have fans, more of a character actor. I see him in something and I think Russell Dalrymple from "Seinfeld". I'll give him credit for being, well, kinda brave to basically start his big screen career with his "Midnight Cowboy" role.


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Close Encounters is the role I always think of when I see him.

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The only thing I really remember him from is Absence Of Malice. I enjoyed seeing him getting handing his walking papers at the end. Not a likeable character at all, but he did a good job of it.
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Great in Best in Show.


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Bob Balaban's family were pioneers in the movie theater industry.

Anyone remember him in Altered States?
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He's a guy you always like to see in a movie. He always turns in a good, solid performance as a character actor.

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My favorite roles of his is probably Thora Birch's dad in Ghost World and his appearance in Wes Anderson movies like Moonrise Kingdom and Grand Budapest Hotel.
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Absense of Malice was the one I remember

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He likes Pasta Primavera.

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Gosford Park. He more than held his own when you consider some of the real heavyweights in that cast.

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I like him in the 1989 film Dead Bang as the hapless Parole Officer.

Yes, Altered States. I re-watched it recently and enjoyed his work in it.
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