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Maybe because I'm tired... dunno. But this new History Ch show just isn't stirring much response from me.

It followed Vikings so I thought I'd give it a view. But as said "meh" so far....

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Laugh or Die
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I watched it. It was ok but not necessarily good. I was whelmed.

Having recently gotten into medieval fighting(sca), it really irks me seeing guys in combat without at least having their chain armor covering their head when going into battle, and when they do, no padding under it.

Just like watching gun errors in shows with guns.
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Originally posted by Jester814:
Just like watching gun errors in shows with guns.

What would be the medieval equivalent to the “Glock hammer cock” sound here? Roll Eyes

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^^^^ Maybe this:

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Waiting for Hachiko
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Too much cut and slash, followed by too much cut and slash.

Reason I quit following Vikings, each and every show was a butcher shop free for all.

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Dying of boredom, I might watch the next episode. Otherwise, MEH!


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I recorded it and started watching but didn't get very far as the bed was calling. My initial impressions aren't good as I don't like the action sequences where they focus on the face. Seems to cartoonish. If it were a photo I'd say the clarity/contrast was overdone. This, I guess, poor cinematography was also highlighted with the camera in the helmet during the initial counter attack at the wall. Just plain stupid. I'll give it a chance as I like these (semi) historical shows.
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