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Originally posted by G-Man:
Lili Simmons is in this! That’s reason enough to give it a go.

Um, no, no it's not.
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Originally posted by smschulz:
I watched the trailer but still a bit confused on the type of movie.
Is this going to appeal to the "Saw" movie(s) type rather than the western type?
If so not for me, not a Saw movie fan.
However, I do love a good western.

Not a classic western for sure.

Some gratuitous gore.

Probably More a horror/suspense/thriller blend in a Western-frontier setting

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I just watched this for the first time. It was a good flick, disturbing, but good. It reminded me of some of the pulp western horror/fiction written by Robert E. Howard or Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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The gore was completely unnecessary, it ruined what could have been a good movie.

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Same guy who did Brawl in Cell Block 99.

He loves his gore. And Bone Tomahawk, good or bad, certainly has some images that stuck with me. It's a very cruel movie.
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Anyone who saw the flick stay for this gem at the end ?

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Started watching it thinking it was a typical Western. Was a little weirded out as it went along, but stuck with it. Then some dude got chopped in half crotch first, and I thought "WTF!?!" Ended up finishing it because it was almost over at that point....but WTF???
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I can't understand how anyone could like this movie. It was horrible in every aspect IMO.

"The best western since Unforgiven"? GMAFB. Roll Eyes


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It wasn't what I expected I must say. But I liked it. After watching it my main thought was. "Getting shot with one of those arrows must really hurt." I mean, bullets are bad enough, but that gross arrow must have so many germs on them and then it's stuck in you. Awful. Oh, and yeah, the cannibalism was also bad.
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