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Any fans of the show here? Brought this up because last night they played my favorite episode, the one where the escaped female prisoners take Barney and Floyd captive in the cabin. What's your favorite episode or remembrance of the show?
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I watch one or two episodes every night. A few of my favorites:

- Opie kills the bird
- Andy and Helen trapped in the mine
- Barney gets a motor cycle

I watch that show and am awestruck when they reference the living townsfolk who fought in WW1.

It just was not that long ago.

All it all you got.
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Do you know why everybody in Mayberry was so happy? Because everyone was single but Otis and he stayed drunk! Smile
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Andy Griffith is one of the reasons I do not watch contemporary TV, I watch an episode almost every day. Even my college age son, Mr. Modern Day Entertainment, admits that it is a well done show. The B&W episodes with Barney are the only ones I'll watch, the last three seasons I tend to avoid.

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I would love to live in a town like Mayberry . Peaceful ...
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Gomer is my favorite character, but only with Barney as the foil.

Best is the "Haunted House", followed "Citizens Arrest."

I could go on...

Just my 2¢

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Nothing beats the few episodes with Ernest T. Bass Big Grin
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And the episode where Barney goes undercover to catch a shoplifter.

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My favorite line: Andy to Gomer: "And take that gun out of your mouth!"

The Christmas episode is probably my favorite.
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Even though I know life was never really quite like that, I do like the show, and enjoy the idea that life was more like that.

Andy Griffith was genuinely entertaining. A more modern version of a Mark Twain and Will Rodgers. He is a lot of the appeal of the show.

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The one where Barney brought up an old case and everyone was getting punched in the nose.

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Thank you
Very little
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Link to online episodes of Andy Griffith

Cornmuerchial free!

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I like Ernest T

I think the show is on Netflix.
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No one's mentioned the Darlings.
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Love the show, but only the B&W episodes. Once Barney left, and they went to color, the whole feel of the show changed for the worse.

My wife and I have a daily routine where I say "Morning Dear", and she says "Morning Honey" like the Boones in "Andy the Marriage Counselor."

My favorite episode is "The Loaded Goat" in which farmer Cy Hudgens brings his goat to town, and "Jimmy" eats a bunch of dynamite.

My favorite character is Floyd (pre-stroke). Howard McNear was supposedly the actor who was most like his character.

Favorite guest appearance would be a tie between Susan Oliver in "Prisoner of Love" and Barbara Eden in "The Manacurist." There was something about those early 60's looks and styles that resonates with me to this day.

Of course, no TAGS post would be complete without mentioning "Mr Schwump", that non-speaking background character who appeared in a few episodes but had no credit mentions.

So, yes, you can say I like the show. We used to watch it at work at lunch time, and the running bet was how quickly after the episode started that I could tell everyone the plot.

Oh, yeah, one last thing: Helen was a bitch.
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I watch that show and am awestruck when they reference the living townsfolk who fought in WW1

As the show was on in the early 60's, those fighting in WWI would only be in their 60's at that point.

As far as Ernest T., he was better known as a director and for his voice overs.

Howard Morris was a classically trained Shakespearean actor but started his television career as a sketch comedy artist in Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows. He’s best known for his wild “mountain-man” character Ernest T. Bass, going off on never-ending temper-tantrum tangents trying to impress his “Sweet Romeena.” The lesson learned: never trust a man the size of a Fig Newton carrying a sack full of bricks.

Life after Mayberry found Morris playing a variety of voices in many Hanna-Barbera series including The Jetsons and The Flintstones. He was the original voice of Atom Ant, and provided the original vocalizations for the Hamburglar in the 1971 McDonald’s ad campaign. In the 1980s, he was the voice of Wade Duck, a regular character on the cartoon series Garfield and Friends. Mel Brooks cast him a few of his films including the 1977 comedy High Anxiety. Morris died of a heart ailment in 2005 at the age of 85.

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it's a fabulous show... pretty amazing what can be done with such a simple premise. favorite episodes would include anything with the Darlings, but specifically Mountain Wedding with Ernest T. Hard to believe such a distinct character was only in 5 episodes.

I also love the episode where Gomer sings Santo Lucia for Barney.

I think Barney may be my favorite TV character of all time.

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Aunt Bee, the Juror
It's one of two episodes with Jack Nicholson in it.

Check it out at the 10:00 mark

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Originally posted by HRK:
Link to online episodes of Andy Griffith

Cornmuerchial free!

They are all on Amazon Prime too.

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