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The Constable
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As a kid in the early 1960's we had a Saturday matinee that played a lot of the Errol Flynn Swashbucklers; Captain Blood, The Sea Hawks, Adventures of Robin Hood, etc.

Then of course my Dad and my Uncles, all WW2 Veterans, would watch "Victory at Sea" every Sunday.

The music in that series really made the series.

Someone already posted "The Pink Panther" series, another favorite.

What about James Bond? The James Bond theme is a Classic. As well as the scores from the various early Bond movies.

Jaws, Star Wars, Magnificent Seven, Patton, Grand Prix, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, also come to mind.
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Slayer of Agapanthus

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Henry Mancini also did a cover of Springtime for Hitler. I think about using this for my ringtone.

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Conductor in Residence
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Oh my...where to start...

Saving Private Ryan
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
Lord of the Rings
The Rock
Crimson Tide
The Incredibles (which is more of a tribute to the early Bond scores)
Angels and Demons
The Magnificent Seven
City Slickers

I could go on and on....

I have studied film scoring a bit as a conductor, and the composers who really know what they are doing use the 100% rule. Basically, the idea of a film score should be to reinforce what is happening on the screen so the emotional content is at 100%- no more, no less. Sometimes this involves silence (reference the scene in The Force Awakens when Kylo Ren kills Harrison Ford...that moment didn't need any music because the scene itself was powerful enough). Sometimes the music supplements the scene by creating the missing piece. Reference the scene below, and only concentrate on the music. It's cued to start at the 2:00 mark.

There is no music during his death scene, but as the surrounding sound starts to diminish when he has his last words, the music quietly sneaks in and begins to add to the emotion of the characters surrounding him. This is but one example of truly masterful writing on John Williams' part. He didn't overwrite the music here, but he was able to keep the emotional state of this scene by simply maintaining the characters' emotions.

As a side note, my paternal grandfather was a WWII veteran in the African theater, and I had to conduct a suite of music from "Saving Private Ryan" about one hour after I was informed of his passing. That was one of the most emotional experiences of my conducting career.
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Six Days on the Road
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The theme from Rocky.
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Master & Commander : The far side of the world.
Raiders of the lost ark
The sound of music

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Damn you guys are cool.
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A few of my favorites are:

Shawshank Redemption
Grand Canyon

There's another movie that I haven't seen in years, "The Player". While I don't remember much of the soundtrack I remember the end theme being haunting and powerful.

I stumbled across it on youtube yesterday.

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Chariots of Fire
Lawrence of Arabia
Magnificent Seven
Several Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns
2001, a Space Odyssey (especially the main theme, Also Sprach Zarathustra, by Richard Strauss)

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For Westerns, after the Magnificent Seven, Silverado is a favorite.
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Bolt Thrower
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I'm a fan of John Carpenter, I think Escape From New York was his best matching of score to visual esthetic.
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Original James Bond theme from GOLDFINGER.
Forest Gump.
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I saw Legends of the Fall on here, a fantastic score for a highly underrated movie.

I’m shocked that no one has listed The Godfather.

So powerful, I sometimes listen to it while I smoke cigars and can envision specific scenes as I hear the music play.

All it all you got.
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Many of my favorites have already been listed. Some have not.

Last of the Mohicans
Star Wars (The Original Trilogy)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
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Picture of Storm
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Last of the Mohicans has been mentioned.

So I'll add this, John Adams (it's a miniseries, not a movie, but like the theme/soundtrack).

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Looking back on movies that stirred my musical soul, I can immediately recall three that put that lump in my throat. Others have already mentioned "Adagio for Strings" (Platoon)...a clear winner. The first runner-up is John Barry's score to "Dances with Wolves"...just awesome orchestration. The second runner-up is the scene in "Somewhere in Time" that features the 18th Variation of Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini", Andante cantabile. As a pianist, I wish I had learned that long ago when I was capable of playing at that level.

All just wonderful music that makes me jealous of the musicians that get to participate in these recordings.

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Thief - Tangerine Dream

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