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We are 3 episodes in and we are going to keep watching it because we wanna know who done it?

I really think the writers wanted to see just how many times they could introduce as many awkward situations, conversations, and characters into 45 minutes as possible.

The only show have I ever asked myself or my wife WTF so many times in 45 minutes was during the Tiger King.

I guess if you are bored check it out or if you really like serial killer series.

Link to original video:

Just one little preview quirk the Serial Killer removes each of the girls he kills tattoos. The lead detective on the case gets the same tattoo the girl had removed on his chest during the investigation!

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Oh stewardess,
I speak jive.
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That the bar owner from True Blood? ^

Never heard of this one. I'll check it out.
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Reckoning is one weird ass, super creepy series. But, I can't stop watching it!
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