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Green Mountain Boy
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I'm so friggin happy that Amazon picked it up. Good sci fi is rare these days and this is a hell of a good show.

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I thought this thread deserved resserection, since season 4 is just over a month from release on Prime.

Supposedly, season 5 is already being worked on.

Anyone seen the trailers yet? Pretty badass!!

Machine Shop
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Yeah, they greenlit S5 before 4 was even released.

Great show, I've watched S1-3 several times now - it's that good IMO.
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I am really looking forward to this! Heck, even my wife is excited to see this coming out next month. We've really enjoyed the first three seasons.

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Delusions of Adequacy
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Back in Black
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The thread title scared me. I thought it was cancelled again! Currently reading through the books now, but only on the second one. Seen all episodes of the show so far. Big fan.
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