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Enjoyed, but 3/4 the movie of the original. You are familiar with the characters, you got a hint at JackJack.

The first was just so original, and this one... just isn't.

Still, worth a visit to the theater, as that is where it is meant to be seen.

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We took the kids to the drive in last week and saw it. It was pretty good...the Jack-Jack/Raccoon scene was great. But it was nowhere near as good as the first. When we left, my 10 yo said he like it, but that it was really predictable. I'd concur with that.

And yes, the animated short at the beginning was terrible....and gave the little kids nightmares.

I'd give the movie itself a solid 3/5.
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Took the kids this last Monday. I'll agree with several is as good as the original, I thought. Well worth seeing in theaters.

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I just rented this on iTunes and absolutely loved it!

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My nephew picked it up on redbox last night. I laughed so hard my wife had trouble hearing the dialogue (thank God for captioning).

It was worth the 13(?) year wait for this sequel, which I thought was better than the original (and that's saying a lot). It was hilarious, well-written, and involved all the characters in meaningful ways.

It was probably the best movie I've seen all year.

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If you have Prime you can rent it today for $3. You have 30 days to watch it
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