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Wonder what TV, no matter the delivery method, would be like if reruns didn't exist?
Or maybe how few movies or reruns, sales shows are needed to have a TV channel?
Would we have more original programming, more reality shows, or ???????.
Will the internet overpower TV as we know it now?

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There'd be a lot fewer channels that's for sure.

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I'd like to know why there hasn't been reruns of the late 1970s TV series of How the West was Won with James Arness.
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I know there would be a lot of actors earning a lot less money.

Guys like Jerry Seinfeld, the cast of Friends, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond etc. are all making tens of millions per year on syndication revenue.

Not a bad gig.
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Wonder why there aren't any Amos and Andy reruns.

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I read that the cast of friends each make 20 mil a year in residuals

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