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I was watching an older episode of NCIS New Orleans the other day and suddenly realized that my old house was in the background of the shot -- along with the music club/bar I used to work the door at. The scene centered around a hipster cafe, which was in what had been a derelict shell across the street when I lived there -- such Uptown NOLA has changed.

And the scene In the Line of Fire scene where Eastwood has Malkovich on the fire escape was shot at my apartment building in DC -- if you look sharp, you can see my bathroom window way down at the bottom. Unfortunately, I was out of town when the week the scene was shot, so I didn't get to hang. What's funny is that when they're running across the roofs, that's in a whole different part of DC -- but I guess that's pretty typical. We were watching the new Benji the other night (it's awful), set in NOLA, and we annoyed the boys by pointing out there's no way that dog could run between the various places in the time allotted.

So in what films or shows have your abodes, old and current, popped up?

ETA: Yes, I know NCIS NOLA isn't all that good, but picking out the places and references is good fun. And every once in a while, I'll recognize an extra.

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Closest I have is that part of the Hangover 3 was shot in my wife's hometown.

Did see the parking lot behind my old house during a police chase.

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No, never.

Parts of The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz and Robin Williams's Patch Adams were filmed around the block from by buddy's house in Point Richmond. And my other friend's sister walks by Clint Eastwood when he's jogging along the Embarcadero in The Dead Pool. My old boss says he and his buddy appear in the background at the airport scene at the very end of Bullitt, but I have yet to spot him.

Also, the modern Hawaii Five-0 filmed scenes outside of one of my friend's office buildings in the parking lot this season.
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The club where I play golf was the place where they filmed most of "Tin Cup." The interiors of the clubhouse were totally changed for the interior scenes, but some of the golf course scenery is very recognizable.

My dad was an extra (many of the members were extras), and he is plainly visible in the scene where Don Johnson and Costner bet they can make the pelican fly away. There is a plastic pelican on that same spot on that bulkhead to this day.

I had a Titleist Pro 100 ball marked by Cheech Marin (he marked them with a green dot and a red dot as Costner's caddy), but it washed away in last year's Harvey flood, dammit.

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I used to work in “The News Building” in New York City. This was where the Daily Planet lobby scenes of the first Superman were filmed.

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Fun -- keep 'em coming.

A scene for Big Momma's House 2 was shot in another bar I worked at (Magazine St in the Garden District). As a sorta manager, I had to hang out the entire time they were there -- a very long day of watching the second lead flirt badly with all the women on the set as the production people did their thing. The lead (Lawrence) didn't show up until they were ready to shoot, and they went through a number of variations of a bar fight in which he, of course, whopped up on a bunch of tough guys. All in all, pretty lame, though some of the production women were nice on the eyes.

Years later, I saw the movie on HBO and fast-forwarded through the entirety, but it seems that that day's work was left on the editing room floor.

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A section of Hwy680 that ran past behind my house was closed off to film a car chase scene in "The Rookie" with Clint Eastwood and Charlie Sheen. I recognized some road signs, but it was a night scene, so there was not a lot to see.
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If you look up my childhood home on Google maps/street view there is a wonderful pic of my Dad looking at the Google car with a confused look on his face...that's gotta count for something?
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I worked for seven years at a school attached to Grace Cathedral, in San Francisco. The cathedral has a webpage dedicated to all the movies in which it's played a part:
The cathedral has an archive which, amongst all the important religious historical items, includes a copy of every movie and literary piece that mentions it.

Before that, I worked security at SFMTA. Muni has been in many movies over the years. But in particular, a scene from 40 Days and 40 Nights was filmed at the yard where our security office was located.

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Nothing as specific as my house or place of business, but I grew up on the near South Side of Chicago and a number of scenes were shot in familiar places (e.g., Dixie Square Mall, Calumet City, Joliet Prison)

The bridge jump scene was filmed just a few miles from my house.


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A guy was murdered in the house next to one I lived in a bunch of years ago, and my old place showed up in some of the news video.

Does that count? Cool

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Oh, I forgot one film. My buddy used to work around the corner in San Francisco where they shot Ang Lee's The Hulk. My other friend and I went to visit him one day, and we got to see some of the filming. Sadly, we did not get to see the lovely Jennifer Connelly. We did see Ang Lee though.

This was a couple of years after 9/11, so the filmmakers posted flyers on all the local businesses saying there would be a huge military presence complete with helicopters and troops, but not to panic for it was just for Hulk filming. My other buddy and I were walking around downtown to see if we could figure out where they might be filming.

We turned a corner and saw a smashed cable car with some chunks of asphalt arranged in a pile to look like a crater. We walked up a hilly street and saw a few overturned cars, one with a hydrant in the windshield. Finally we hit another intersection where there was another pile of asphalt chunks. We thought, "Gee, we must be close..." Soon, film crew people showed up.

Eventually we saw multiple takes of Humvees and troop carriers tearing around a corner, and Army guys all yelling and jumping out and pointing rifles and rocket launchers at this one bored looking guy holding an aluminum pole with a cardboard head with "15' " written on the back of it. Then the director would yell cut, and all the trucks would drive back up the street and do it all over again.
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A friend of mine owns a store on State Circle in Annapolis facing the State House. A movie company turned her store into a pharmacy and used it in the movie Better Living Through Chemistry starring Olivia Wilde. They also used a house a few miles away from mine.
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When I was in high school, the lame-ass movie A Tiger's Tale was filmed at my school. It starred Ann Margret and C. Thomas Howell. I got to be an extra in the cafeteria scene. Didn't get to meet Ann Margret but I did meet C. Thomas and that blond kid who is in the Karate Kid. Highlight of my life <sarc>
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With GA being so pro-filming industry, there are a ton of movies (and TV shows) being filmed here so I recognize places in scenes all the time. They are filming something in the Marriott Marquis and Hyatt Regency in ATL currently. Films crews and trucks everywhere. And, we vacation on Tybee Island quite a bit. That's showed up in some movies recently.

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The house I grew up in was briefly seen in the Steve Martin movie Father of the Bride. The house used for the movie was in our neighborhood.

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Not my house, but a building I spent a lot of time in. The institution in the movie "Rainman" is actually St Anne Convent in Melbourne, KY. Three of my aunts were catholic nuns who lived there. We held annual family reunions there until last year. Also, when my wife and I were preparing for our wedding, we attended a Pre-Cana retreat there.

"Rainman" had lots of local scenery, including Pompilio's Restaurant in Newport, Ky and the CVG Airport. A childhood friend had a small speaking role as the police officer who orders Tom Cruise back into his car. He was actually a Boone County police officer and was working a traffic detail during the filming. The director saw him and decided to give him the small role.
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