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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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The rest... of the story...

Over 3,000 episodes...

I've been listening to a bunch today.


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Used to listen to him at 1405 hrs, AFRTS (right after the DM-$ exchange rate and other news was broadcast) when I was in Bitburg AB, in the early 1980s.

If we could stop what we were doing, we would, just to tune in and listen.

(more likely to make that "formation" than any other...)

RIP Mr. Harvey, you most certainly earned it.

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Used to hear those on the radio riding with my dad as a kid and loved them. When I was in college, I stumbled onto two little paperback collections "Paul Harvey's TROTS" and "More of TROTS" that I read several times over while traveling over the years. Now I enjoy Mike Rowe's version, The Way I Heard It. I question the veracity of some of them, but they are great listens and I hope mostly accurate.
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