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Anyone else following the news from BlizzCon? This game is receiving a ton of negative backlash because it’s mobile and claims it’s just a Deekin of another game the developer already made. I’m cautiously optimistic because it’s Blizzard.
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Im still playing Diablo III seasonal challenges.

I have a wait-n-see on this one.

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Hoo-boy. Blizzard really seems to have stepped in it with this one.

The backlash has been quite obvious. And I don't even really follow video games news all that closely these days.
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Man, I was so addicted to Diablo back about 14 years ago, I got bursitis in my thumb from playing it so much. Had to go to a hand surgeon to get a steroid injection in my hand!

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What is the
soup du jour?

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I never played Diablo, but had many friends who did.

Who would have thought reskin-ing a known mobile only game and charging $50 to show a commercial of that game, would be so poorly received
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