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It's been years but I may poke my head through the tent to watch Bill Burr's monologue and Jack White. I know, I know, it's a trap.
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So long as you don't expect Burr to attack only the left, it should be an interesting monologue; however, I have to expect the cast to go full bore libtard in these final few weeks of the election season. I don't envy you for what you're about to experience.

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The monologue:

Link to original video:

A real life Sisyphus...
"It's not the critic who counts..." TR
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haven't watched in years.Screw those liberal bastards.
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Haven't watched SNL in probably 15 years. Not going to start now.
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I think Bill Burr is funny, but how did he string 7+ minutes of monologue together without one f-bomb? I didn’t think he was capable of that. Big Grin
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