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Link to original video:

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when was that filmed ?

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Feeling old. Only Dawn Wells (80) and Tina Louise (85) are still with us.

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Originally posted by SBrooks:
when was that filmed ?

1988, if I heard Bob Denver correctly.
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Different time.


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Met Dawn Wells a few times. Really nice lady.
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That was great! Smile
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I met Tina Louise in the lobby of the place we were having our senior prom! I had her sign my little book, very nice and friendly.
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Tina Louise (Ginger) didn't appear in any of the sequel movies. She was pissed because she felt (with good reason) the Ginger role caused her to be typecast. The actress is Judith Baldwin.
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That was the real Tina Louise in the 1988 reunion. It marked the last time the entire original cast would appear together onscreen. Louise did have a problem with typecasting, which only compounded issues from the original filming. She was led to believe she would be the focus of the show (despite the title), and was very standoffish from the other cast-members even for several years after the program ended.

(As Egregore said, Judith Baldwin played Ginger in two of the movie sequels. Constance Forslund assumed the role in one other.)

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