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E tan e epi tas
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Love and Monsters is a recent movie that is basically about a young guy traveling a monster ridden post apocalyptic wasteland for a girl.

Now it’s not high art at all. It is however a fun, light, adventure flick with a bit of an 80s teen adventure feel (Last Starfighter for example).

There is no grimdark.
There is no sociopolitical commentary or message
There is no in your face message about how you are somehow a horrible person
You won’t feel preached to.
I’ll be honest I had forgotten there were movies like that.

Again. It’s not art. It’s super light weight, the effects are mediocre but it had heart and made me think of the way things used to be, so it gets a thumbs up.

Good family watch if you are inclined, I will likely rewatch with my daughter.

Take care, shoot safe,

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It was definitely better than I thought it'd be. Surprisingly engaging, kind of Zombieland meets Tremors and The Mist, with even a bit of Kick-ass and The Walking Dead thrown in. Snappy dialogue and realish characters. The flick had inklings of heart and soul, usually missing from formula monster movies.

Even the dog put in a good performance!

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hello darkness
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Yeah. It was a nice couple of hours.
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Agreed. We rented it to watch with our daughter.
We all really enjoyed it. Much better than I was expecting.


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Fun, positive movie. Whole family enjoyed it.

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