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I am sure others may have noted this in the past, and may have commented on it here. I happened to be watching a Star Trek movie, and a ship gets hit by a photon torpedo. All of the crew are thrown out of their chairs violently. This happens frequently in all of the various incarnations of Star Trek. I don't recall a single episode of Star Trek, either TV or movie, where any of the chairs were equipped with seat belts. Wondering why the advance technology of seat belts got lost in the Star Trek universe? Any thoughts?
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That kind of irked me too.

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Originally posted by Fed161:
I don't recall a single episode of Star Trek, either TV or movie, where any of the chairs were equipped with seat belts.

The newest JJ Abrams Star Trek movies have seat belts that automatically deploy out of the chairs.

The shuttles in The Next Generation are shown as having seat belts.

And in the 1980s Star Trek movies, the chairs have a few different styles of retaining armrests that lock down over their thighs or around the waist to keep crew in their seats.

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I may be mis-remembering, but I seem to recall some form of seat belts being used in the first Chris Pine ST movie, they looked like a harness that auto attached from the shoulders down.

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The same people who didn’t install seat belts also couldn’t figure out how to wire consoles so that they didn’t explode in the faces of crew members every time they were fired upon.

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I'm a huge life-long TrekNerd, and I never noticed the seat arms thing on the Excelsior from Star Trek III. . . Frown

They had a deleted scene from I think Star Trek Nemesis, where they showed Picard an automatic deploying seatbelt, like seen on the clip from the JJTrek movie that RogueJSK posted. I think Picard said "It's about time!"

Lack of seatbelts was a lame plot gimmick. It helped the bridge look 'futuristic,' yet also gave immediate visual drama to show when the Enterprise was REALLY hit hard. I always thought it was lame.

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Sort of like the lost technology of guardrails in Star Wars.

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Starting with TNG era, star ships have inertial dampeners to soften the blow. It does go offline sometimes, and that's when people get thrown like rag-dolls.
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Why didn't the Enterprise in TOS carry spare dilithium crystals? The ship was in deep shit when they went bad. Being only the size of a man's fist, a five-gallon bucket could have carried enough for the whole five-year mission.
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If they were wearing red shirts it didn’t matter, they were toast anyway.

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Wasn't it all about "inertial dampeners"? You know, sudden jumps to warp speed, sudden stops and jolts...inertial dampeners were "standard equipment" on star ships. It was the "group lean" and the "all fall down" scenes that were the flaws in the action.


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