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ichi-go ichi-e
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I didn't have any notions or expectations about this film. It kinda came out of nowhere and really surprised me how good a horror film could be. If I had to compare it to another film, it's sorta in the vein of "The Others"; really unsettling.
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Three on, one off
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I saw it last night and thought it was great! I am still thinking about how well it kept the tension throughout with great acting, surprising twists, and shocking imagery. A great mixture of horror and psychological thriller. Part The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, maybe The Witch and The Sixth Sense, and yes The Others. I want to see it again to look for things I missed last night.
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tumbles into the sea
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I didn't expect to think about cinematography (Pawel Pogorzelski - (me neither)) walking into this. Some of the shots are especially noteworthy [ graveside service ]. There's probably computer generated images - but they don't stand out. Definitely an atypical horror film. I gave it 9/10.
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Just saw it...hands down one of the best (horror) movies I've ever seen. Story, acting, production, plot twists, attention to detail (watch very, very closely), you name it. 10/10.
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Yeah I thought it was pretty good and well worth watching. I will probably watch again with the wife. When I watched it a couple nights ago I was browsing the internet on laptop also and next time I will give it my full attention.

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