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Anybody see this yet ? I watched it last night. Was worth the hour or so. Kinda sad overall with all his physical and emotional pain
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I watched it twice this week. Brought back a lot of fond memories. Thought it was well done and I enjoyed seeing the performers out of character. Ironic that he was surrounded by so many people all the time but seemed to feel all alone. I’d never even considered that he was too large for the restroom on international airliners.

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Saw it last night late, it was pretty interesting.
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Heard an interview with Bill Simmons this AM talking about this doc. He eventually touched on Andre's challenges using the bathroom, on an airplane and in Japan. One of the segments he revealed which didn't make it on film (too graphic) was how in Japan, the hotel bathroom was too small for him to use, so, they had him relive himself (#2) onto a comforter Eek, bag-it-up, then they'd take it away.
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I haven't watched it, but heard a segment about it on local sports radio. It did sound interesting, but somewhat sad.

Amazing claims about the amount of alcohol that guy would consume.

The story about how he handed the mantle to Hulk Hogan was really good. Even though it's fake, Hogan kinda had to earn it when Andre told him "body slam."

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"I am the brute squad"

"Anybody want a peanut?"

He was great in the Princess Bride.



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Originally posted by phxtoad:
"I am the brute squad"

"Anybody want a peanut?"

He was great in the Princess Bride.


I remember seeing an interview with Robin Wright where she was talking about how much pain Andre was in from the toll wrestling had taken on his body. In the scene near the end of the movie where he catches her and holds her, she was wearing wires because even though she barely weighed 100 pounds he couldn't lift her.

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The majority of wrestlers end up broken financially, physically, and emotionally.
The exceptions are just that, exceptions.

They pay a lot for that fame.

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watched most of this a few nights ago,

very interesting,

I knew about some of the regional groups, (watched Mid Atlantic Wrasslin as a kid) but did not know how WWF/WWE scooped them all up,
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It did sound interesting, but somewhat sad.

That's the feeling I had after watching it.
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I thought it was really well done. I'm sure the pain he was in constantly took a toll on him mentally as well physically.
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