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I have to admit I'm looking forward to this.

I read the book when I was a kid, then saw the movie-cut of the miniseries.

I was a bit way when I saw this announced, but reviews so far have been pretty favorable from what I've seen. My understanding is this is part one of a planned two-part story. The first movie will cover the first part of the book, when the misfits are children and battling IT, and the second part will cover the second portion of the book with the adults (I don't want to get more in-depth to avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the book or seen the miniseries).

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I read this as a young person as well. I remember being so morbidly frightened. I wanted to put IT down and walk away for awhile but I just couldn't. I read that book in two days.

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Hm, did a search and neither turned up. Can just delete this one then.

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Got tickets for IMAX this Saturday.

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I just realized that the movie is 27 years after the TV mini-series. That's pretty cool.

(27 years being the length of time that IT remains in hibernation)

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I have read the book several times, it is one of my favorites. Also have the mini-series on DVD. I will see this one when it comes out on BD.

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Go Vols!
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I thought it was ok. I kept thinking of Floki from Vikings though.
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No worries!
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Originally posted by Oz_Shadow:
I thought it was ok. I kept thinking of Floki from Vikings though.

It's amazing how many of the Skarsgård family are successful actors, talented family for sure.

Saw it with my brother and nephews (they're 16) tonight. Thought it was pretty darn good, looking forward to chapter 2. All the kids put in rather solid performances, all except for Harvey, the main bully IMO. But yeah, good movie with some creepy parts and a few good laughs too. I wouldn't buy it, but I'd rent it to watch again.

They did have an extended trailer for Bladerunner 2049 before the movie, damn that just looks stunning.

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We saw it today and I was absolutely impressed.

Without giving anything away, I can't help to have always wondered if IT was a stranded Langolier or a Tommyknocker alien, or even possibly the cause of the Tommyknocker ship crash.

IT is obviously not Flagg.


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