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Ugh..not what I was hoping for. Wait till it comes on T.V. if you want to see it.

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I like the connections with Trouble with the Curve - the scene where he pitches to Amy Adams, she says:

Come on you stubborn mule. Give me something.

And both have a song reference theme throughout.
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I rarely go to the theater anymore and usually just wait for the movie to be on Netflix. I might have to make an exception for this one.
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Originally posted by bendable:
If I had to go see any of the other 8 movies , I am betting that I would enjoy this one the most,

good movie not close to an award winner , not a great movie.

any shmoe could have done Bradley's role .

no laughter, no tears, no happy feelings, no
bad feelings,

I could understand why some say its on the bland side.

I never did figure out where he was going from or too with the drugs.

I wish they would have had him different vehicles on the trips

We had the same 8 different choices and chose 'Vice' and both of us really enjoyed it and felt the movie had everything that was said to be missing in the Eastwood movie.

Would I lose man card points for not going?


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We just got home from seeing this film, finally. First time I've been in a theater in years but there really wasn't anything else to do tonight, so what the hell.

Short story is, I thought it was an entertaining way to spend an evening, but really nothing beyond that. Didn't love it, didn't hate it.

The "taco wagon" comment at the beginning had me thinking, oh great, Gran Torino 2.0. It did get better though.

While I did like the story in general, I'll echo a lot of the previous comments to the negative.

It was dumb to keep him in the same vehicle.
Apparently it was a hop-skip-and a jump from New Mexico to Chicago.
Was he really going to Chicago? Who knows?
Ten or so trips and he's already the best mule there is? Flown to Mexico to hang out with the head of the cartel?
I can't stand Cooper, so there's that.
The ending sucked IMO. What is the point of putting a 90 y/o guy in prison? They should have used him to bring down the cartel and let him live his life out with his family.

All in all, I found it to be just your average Clint film. Not bad, not great, just OK. Nowhere near as good as Trouble With The Curve IMO, but then it didn't have Amy Adams in it. [/swoon]


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Had some family down over the holidays, and we saw it on a nasty, rainy afternoon. We enjoyed it and it was definitely the best option in the theater. I'm notorious for falling asleep after the lights dim, but I stayed awake for the whole thing which is saying something.

I don't see myself seeing it over and over again like other Eastwood movies, but it was good way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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