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Couldn’t find a thread on this, we just power watched the first season (only season so far).

Pretty entertaining, same writers as Deadpool. If you liked Deadpool or “The Boys”, you might enjoy it.

Dated as 2019, hopefully there will be a second season.

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This was originally a YouTube Red series. It got dropped when YouTube stopped producing original content. It was surely my favorite even over Cobra Kai. I'm really hoping that someone else picks it up for a second season. It's really great.

When I found that it was on Prime, I coaxed my wife into watching and she's now hooked. Smile
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I was thinking this was some kind of "superhero" series when I saw your first post. Geez, was I wrong!!!! We started watching a couple days ago and my wife and I are definitely hooked! It's a hilarious series about kid from the "white inner city" that's basically good, but regularly gets the crap beaten out of him or beats the crap out of those who attempt to bully him or others. He's got a lot of bad road behind him and challenges ahead, but if you can understand his and other characters' words through their thick "Townie" accents, you're going to be treated to some damn funny dialogue to go with a series of great scenes (some actually poignant), as he and a new companion begin an odyssey to reclaim a family treasure left to him by his dead father.

Well worth watching!!!

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