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Was flipping channels the other morning and came across a Bert Lahr film, Flying High, filmed in 1931. The first thing that struck me was, "my God, this movie was filmed 90 years ago". The next thing I noticed was that movies being relatively new, the actors were still performing as if they were in a play. Their voices were projected as if they were trying to reach the back row and their movements were exaggerated. Lahr was an interesting performer. Many would remember him as the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz but being one of only three people on the planet, who has never seen that film, I remember him from early TV. He had quite an unusual speaking style. I guess it helped to have a trademark for people to remember you by.
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I saw that too and much of what you say is true.
Mostly I was thinking the acting was a little "different" and hey that guy was the cowardly lion.
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It was a different acting style, no doubt. It was probably informed by stage acting, but it was just different, too. I think actors strive to be a little more "natural" now.

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