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Wow! Smile

“Most men … can seldom accept the simplest and most obvious truth if it … would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions … which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabrics of their lives.”
— Leo Tolstoy
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Had a similar occurrence when I was fireforming 6BR Lapua Brass to 6 Dasher. It was a random receipe …. 30gr of Varget, Hornday something or other projectile, jammed 0.030" into the lands.

That's when I realized the "magic" of the 6mm family and it's performance.

Now with Alpha Brass releasing their 6 Dasher Brass.... fireforming is not required. I have 100 pieces of brass from Alpha waiting to run thru a new Bartlein Barrel that is being turned.


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Originally posted by offgrid:
Another 6BRA chambered by jelrod1, Kreiger 4 groove 8 twist 26" Heavy Palma.

That dog will hunt.
Must be some clean burning powder -- no residue on the target, even at 10 yards. Doh!

How's that gee-tar work going? Doing riffs like Joe Bonamassa yet?
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Shooting from barricades isn't my strength. I need more practice if I'm going to play the PRS, NRL, and regional steel match game. Now that the majority of the cattle are no longer grazing on our land, I can set up and leave barricades. Cows have this nasty habit of rubbing up against new structures. And pooping both on and around them.

I put together a test of targets against an old erosion dam. Five of the six plates are visible here, with the sixth one being just out of view to the right. The primary target distances are to the face of the dam, which is the circle on the right and the square next to it.

The diamond on the post is the closest target (#1) and is about 50 yards closer than the dam face. The out-of-view plate to the right (#2) is 25-30 yards closer than the dam. The circle and square (#3 and #4) are within 2 yards of each other in distance. The diamond to the left (#5) is 10-15 yards further than the dam face. The square to the far left (#6) is 35-40 yards further than the dam.

My positions started with prone -- two locations 377 and 355 yards from the dam. Next was a post 340 yards from the dam face. The brown cinder-block-like-thingie is a wood sleeve that fits over the 4x4 post. This raises the shooting position by 11". I have the same setup maybe 200 yards away, in a brushy area just over the top of the right t-post. From this location I shot with either the tripod legs and bags for rear support.

Next was a barricade 320 yards from the dam. I used the either tripod or bags for rear support. The tank trap is just over the top of the barricade.

A tank trap at 300 yards. I used a rear bag support, between my thigh and the buttstock.

Finally, a spool at 305 yards. Shot from the top of the spool.

I dialed the distance for the dam face at each position, then held under and over as I progressed from close to far plates. I calculated the holds from the 377 yard prone position, as I didn't want to carry a huge dope card. Hold unders were 1.5 and .7 MOA, hold overs were .2 and 1 MOA. In theory -- I ended up taking a few extra shots, as the dope didn't always work perfectly from all barricades at all distances.

Wind was interesting. Fishtailing from 5-7 o'clock, at 5-10 mph, varying constantly. I loaded 60 rounds of 69 SMK in mags, shot first with a 24" RRA with a 3-15x scope, then switched to a 14" LWRC with a 2-10x optic. Hit to move on, I finished the course of 36 targets in about 55 rounds with both ARs, then burned the remaining rounds at longer plates from the spool.

I think this will be good practice for future matches.
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My target tests at 320 and 440 yards has proven valuable in determining the best ammo for each AR15. I had incomplete data on the 24" DSC barrel with a RRA receiver, so later in the day...

Winds changed later in the afternoon -- finishing at 0-7 mph from 8-10 o'clock.

Hornady 73 ELM had promise, but was a bit variable. The first group at 320 showed vertical stringing, as I often see in transitioning to ELD from other ammo. The first group of five was 3.5", the second one settled down to 1.75". At 440 yards the vertical was 3-1/8".

ADI 69 SMK is just pretty consistent, but generally a slight step down from FGMM. 320 yard verticals of 1-7/8" and 2". At 440 yards it was 3-3/8".

FGMM 69 just works. 320 yard verticals of 2-1/2" and 2-1/4". At 440 yards it was 2-3/8", as follows:

With a few minutes of daylight left, time for Hornady 75 Black. I rushed the first group at 320 yards -- ruhroh -- so we won't discuss it. Still in a hurry, I put 4 rounds in 1-3/8" and was all proud of myself, then yanked a high round for 2-5/8" total for five rounds. OK, time to settle down. With the sun about to set, at 440 yards I dialed a bit too much elevation, tried not to be an idiot, and got the following 1-7/8" vertical group.

If this continues, I probably will reduce my ammo inventory to Hornady 75 Black and FGMM 69.
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