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Originally posted by soggy_spinout:
Originally posted by ceptor781:
Originally posted by soggy_spinout:
Originally posted by WARPIG602:
Get an SB brace to make it more manageable and a Hera side folder to keep a small footprint.
Any such modification changes it from 'firearm' to something else (AOW? Pistol?); that would be a definitely a no-no in the eyes of the ATF. One key point of Mossberg's Shockwave submittal for AFT review is that the bird's head grip is to be configured to be 'non-removable' in order to maintain the 'firearm' designation that the Shockwave (and Remington's TAC-14) has. If one submitted that brace config to ATF, I'm sure that they could come back saying that it's a pistol but that it has to be manufactured in that configuration from the beginning, and not a modification using a different classification of weapon as the starting point. At least not without going through the tax stamp process assuming that in their eyes that's even permitted.



If they can sell it from the factory we can roll our own. Show them how stupid these laws are.

It handles great.

I forgot I posted to this thread.

Unless Remington submitted a new request to ATF, then the following excerpts apply (from the original AFT determination letter to Mossberg, dated March 2, 2017:

etc., etc.,

I had to image clip from the PDF of the letter. My PDF editor would only see this file as 4 pages of images.

The last image I think says it all. Change any of those listed characteristics on the submitted firearm, and ATF will review it to see if their determination is still valid. So since the bird's head grip is on the list, Remington has to go back to ATF to get a further ruling to see if the 'firearm' classification is still valid. To date I haven't heard if they've actually done this. If they have then great, a pistol grip and brace modification is kosher. If not, well...
So would you care to point out where in that letter, the determination was based on the "key point," of the bird's head grip being "non-removable," as you earlier claimed?

You made the claim. You and I both have posted the determination letter. So either cite specifically where ATF said what you claim, or please admit you completely fabricated that earlier statement.

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I picked up a used 12 GA Shockwave yesterday and can't wait to try it out.

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