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The best price I can find for HST 9MM is $36.00 per round before shipping is added.
That's significantly more than twenty-two cents per round if you're going to shoot 500 rounds or more a week in matches, practice and training.

Think of this as an only slightly costlier practice ammo ( usually FMJ) that can serve better as defensive ammo in a pinch.


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You're right... I wouldn't use HST for matches or plinking, and Hi-Shok would be better than FMJ for defense.

But you can buy FMJ for practice and matches for even less than 22 cents per round, and put the money you saved towards modern defensive ammo. Wink

I guess I just don't see the benefit of buying only one round for both training and defense, if it just serves to be a more expensive training round and a less-optimal defensive round.

Instead, I train with a FMJ round that's roughly equivalent to my defensive ammo, and shoot enough of the defensive ammo through my guns to ensure that it works well.
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The 9BP and 9BPLE use two distinctly different bullets, although they do look similar at first glance.

The 9BP was the first 9mm JHP that began to demonstrate some reasonable results as far as terminal ballistics in the leading edge of the ‘Wonder-nine’ phase. The fact that it is still in production today is testimony to its cost versus performance value.

Yes, there are better performing 9mm bullets out there. But not at $11/box 50 delivered to your door. HST is $25/box 50 pretty much everywhere you look, as are Gold Dots and the others. 9BPLE can be had for $14-16 a box. And a 50-60% increase in cost does not typically equate to the same in performance. Sometimes quantity has a quality all its own.

I have HST’s, 124 and 147’s. 9BPLE 115+P+. Hydra-Shok 124 +P+. Gold Dot standard velocity and +P in 124 grain. All are excellent rounds and perform well enough.

But the venerable 9BP has them all beaten in another aspect, and that is accuracy. It simply groups better than any other round in every 9mm platform I have put them through.

S&W 39’s and 59’s, 5906, 4 different CZ-75’s, Beretta 92FS, M9 and Compact, Glock 19 and 26, and more Sigs than I care to admit. All have an affinity for the 9BP. So much so, that I always have a box of them in my range box, just in case someone wants to offer up a wager.

I have no problem carrying them, although I do restrict it to warmer months – along with any Hydra-Shok offerings, simply because they aren’t likely to perform as well against heavier clothing.

I always keep a few cases around. At the prices they are at today, it’s hard not to.
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Hey guys, thanks for posting this information.

At this price, I figure that this will be good ammo for verifying reliable feeding of hollow point ammo in my concealed carry pistols.

It had very fast shipping by FedEx, ordered Sunday, delivered before noon on Tuesday.

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They still have it. Just ordered.

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