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I like the idea of having my ammo in a centralized location like a warehouse storage cabinet. I have plenty of ammo cans of course, but ammo cans be a bit bulky over time and can be hard to stack. I'm looking at storage cabinets, and they can be expensive, usually because they are 12-14 gauge and each shelf us rated to hold heavy weight. 150lbs up to 1200lbs or even more. What do you use? And nope, not asking for a friend. Smile

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I like to keep mine in the oem boxes so I have a record of the lot numbers. The boxes can be stacked and take up minimal space. I don't have enough wall space for a separate cabinet. My safe is big enough to store the ammo/mags and it's humidified. The safe is in a place with a/c and heat. Everything in one place for range trips once a month.


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I have a locker similar to this in my office, which I use for individual boxes:

I also use a heavy duty shelf, similar to this, in a storeroom, which I use to stack cases:

And I have a bunch of ammo cans.
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I have quite a few gallon zip lock bags of loaded ammo. Easy to grab one with a couple hundred and toss it in the range bag.
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I picked up a couple Stack on gun "safes" for ammo when Walmart put them up for $100 and $149. The 14 gun version that goes for $100 will fit 20,000 rounds of 5.56 in ammo cans. I wouldn't put a gun in one though. Pretty insecure but it really helps keep the ammo cans better organized and not sprawling all over the floor. I put white labels with what's inside on each can. ie, 800 rounds 5.56 M855 etc etc.
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I built a platform and put a Tractor Supply Underbed box on it.
The top is quite solid so it is used as my work bench.

Solid with a heavy duty locking system and moisture tight.
I have a few ammo cans loaded with multiple calibers for a grab and go scenerio and some strictly by caliber.

But most is just stacked in there by caliber in the factory boxes.

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15 cu ft chest freezer in my basement. Have a golden rod in it to control humidity and it doubles for a nice place to clean and work on guns.

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