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In this world of P365's and G43's are there any members who still stand by their Kahr's?

I have a CW380 and really like it and will be getting a CM9 sometime soon.

Let's hear about some love for Kahr!

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Pocket carry a PM9 daily. Just installed magguts. Haven’t had a chance to test it yet.


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PM9 is an amazing pistol. Perfect defensive trigger IMO

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Nice pistols. Looked at one once, but ended up with a 938. I am a hammer pistol guy, and just felt better with the 938 for pocket carry. Very nicely made, though.

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I have a PM9 I bought new in 2005. It took 200 rds to break it in, since then it has been 100% reliable. The trigger is just like a good double action revolver at 7 lbs and smooth. No complaints from me for the size of the gun.

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I've never had a speck of interest in Kahr pistols.
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I've had a number of 9mm and .40s&w stainless and polymer pistols. Never had an issue that wasn't due to me not reading the manual.

I currently do not have a KAHR, but always looking for a K9 Elite
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I have shot a few Kahrs. They were fine but I felt the P250 was as good or better.
For those of you who are nostalgic, you can get the 25th anniversary K9 for a mere $1250 bucks!

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I have had a MK9 for several years and like it a lot. The trigger is like butter.
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Been pocket carrying a PM9 for about 12 years, haven't had a reason to change up yet. I love it.

Also have a CM9 that is the wife's and a K40 that's on secret duty at the house

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Something about the MK9 keeps whispering to me, but I haven’t caved yet.

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I like my CW9.
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My primary BUG on duty was a CW9.
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I tried three(3) times to have a love affair with Kahr handguns, but it just never happened!! I don't even try anymore.
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I've pocket carried a CM9 for a few years, 100% reliable, nice trigger, & as big as I want to go for pocket carry.
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I carried a PM9 for years until I got my 365.

The PM9 needs a trip back for servicing anyway.

I prefer the shorter reset of the Sig.

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My MK9 is a sweet shooter and makes it regularly into my carry (IWB) rotation, loaded with 124 grn. Speer GD's SB.

I'll see if it gets bumped much from carry duty after I pick up a P365.

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Have a pm9 and k9 Elite. Both are great guns for edc, although a little quirky (takedown,type of ammo, etc.). Once you understand the pistol, it becomes much easier.

Don’t use either much after buying a 365 last year.
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I've carried a CW45 as a CCW and a spare mag. for years. I like the trigger for this purpose.
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I had a K9 when they were new on the market, and loved it for EDC. Sold it when the money ran out but never replaced it; I went to a Shield instead.

Damn fine little pistol.

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