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Originally posted by icetraxx:
.38supersig for your 10mm frankensig, did you take a p220 stainless .45 and swap out the locking block and slide from a 10mm to create a p220 10mm da/sa? The reason I am asking is that I have a p220 .45 elite da/sa and a SAO 10mm. I was thinking about swapping the slides and locking block to give me a da/sa 10mm version. I have an extra Grey Guns adjustable trigger that I am going to install as well. According to their website it will fit all da/sa version of the P220 but not the sao version.

Hey, The frame was from a 10mm DA/SA two tone and the block and slide was from a 10mm SAO Nitron.

I had a P-SPIT trigger laying around and put it in the 10mm when I got it. All of my other P220s (not including the X-Six) have the 8mm trigger and this is the only one it would fit.

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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What I want is an all stainless P220 10 mm with double action. Is this possible?

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They've got the frame (finally got the two-tone!). In theory all you need is the upper half of a Stainless Elite and the lower half of a Two Tone and you should be good to go.

(If anyone knows why a DA/SA lower half and an SAO upper half wouldn't simply go together, please speak up. It's worked just dandy with both standard and Match .45 220s.)

Now, will SIG put together that combination? I hope so. But for some reason SIG really put up a fight when it came to producing DA/SA .45 Match pistols - they seemed to be convinced that the Match had to have adjustable sights and an SAO trigger. I think they may see the 10mm as fitting into a similar, specialized niche.
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