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The Quiet Man
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The only malfunctions I've had with mine have involved letting my thumb hit the slide release and causing the slide to not lock back. That's on me, not the gun.

I can see how it would be easily possible for a thumbs high grip to cause one to interfere with the slide moving forward and on a new tight gun resulting in the slide not going into battery. Try using a grip that locks the thumb down away from the slide and see if the issue goes away.

Even if that's not it, I'll bet you a shiny nickel that it resolves itself within a couple hundred rounds. Both my 320s were prone to not go back into battery when cycled by hand until they'd finished a couple of range trips.
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Thanks for the feedback guys, I will definitely keep an eye on the thumbs, and work the slide away from the range.
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Took my new P365 out today for the first time. Mine was made last month so I don’t know for sure what gen it is. Time was limited but I just wanted to make sure it went bang and had no malfunctions. Took a mixed bag of ammo-WW White box 115 FMJ, some old 124 plated flat point reloads, some military M882 ball and some old Federal 9BP 115 Hi-Shok HP. Nary a bobble. Did shoot a little to the right but that will wait for another day. That Lapula is a real thumb saver with these mags.
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Picked up my P365 (Gen 2) in July with a July mfg date on the box. I've put 1000 rounds of various ammo through it with no problems.
It's now my carry piece with a 12 round mag and one in the pipe.

My first time out with it was a little disappointing as the new mags were tough to load more than 6 or 7 rounds. I recommend you consider buying the Uplula magloader if you don't already have one.
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I have one with about 300 rounds through it and I love it. What I notice is the mags are very tight to load with the slide in battery. Makes no difference if they are 10 or 12 round mags. I thought at first it had to do with a round in the chamber, slide in battery but after playing with it, the issue is whether the slide is locked back or forward, with or without a round chambered. You have to really slam it to seat the magazine.

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You definitely need an UPLULA to load the P365 magazines. I never owned a loader until I bought a P365.


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Picked up one myself yesterday after trying one out at the Range. I was amazed how accurate it was for the size.

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Just An Old Guy
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Originally posted by CCP007:
Originally posted by rjksx1:
Does the gen 3 have all bugs out? How can one tell its the most current version?

It does appear they have the issues worked out.
Here is a video of the differences

Thanks, for sharing.

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