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Originally posted by tcop143:
I took my 12/2018 P365 out for it’s first hundred the other day. No malfunctions, but in several instances with all three mags, the slide would get hung up and nearly fail to go into battery. It was cleaned and lubed prior, so I’m not sure what that was about. I was shooting S&B 124 grain fmj. Not going to hit the panic button yet, just going to shoot the hell out of it. Assuming all goes well, it will replace at least my 43 and maybe my 42 during the summer.

It just needs to wear in/break in. Be sure to clean it thoroughly, and oil/lube it, then shoot it more. I manually cycled the slide a couple hundred times without releasing/resetting the trigger after cleaning/oil/lube on the ones I have, and they are ok now. I had some trouble with the first one returning to battery during the initial outing to the range with it. I avoided it on the second one I bought by thoroughly cleaning/oil/lube and manually working the slide a hundred or two times prior to initially shooting it.
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The Quiet Man
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The only malfunctions I've had with mine have involved letting my thumb hit the slide release and causing the slide to not lock back. That's on me, not the gun.

I can see how it would be easily possible for a thumbs high grip to cause one to interfere with the slide moving forward and on a new tight gun resulting in the slide not going into battery. Try using a grip that locks the thumb down away from the slide and see if the issue goes away.

Even if that's not it, I'll bet you a shiny nickel that it resolves itself within a couple hundred rounds. Both my 320s were prone to not go back into battery when cycled by hand until they'd finished a couple of range trips.
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Thanks for the feedback guys, I will definitely keep an eye on the thumbs, and work the slide away from the range.
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Took my new P365 out today for the first time. Mine was made last month so I don’t know for sure what gen it is. Time was limited but I just wanted to make sure it went bang and had no malfunctions. Took a mixed bag of ammo-WW White box 115 FMJ, some old 124 plated flat point reloads, some military M882 ball and some old Federal 9BP 115 Hi-Shok HP. Nary a bobble. Did shoot a little to the right but that will wait for another day. That Lapula is a real thumb saver with these mags.
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Picked up my P365 (Gen 2) in July with a July mfg date on the box. I've put 1000 rounds of various ammo through it with no problems.
It's now my carry piece with a 12 round mag and one in the pipe.

My first time out with it was a little disappointing as the new mags were tough to load more than 6 or 7 rounds. I recommend you consider buying the Uplula magloader if you don't already have one.
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