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Thanks for the time you took to post that opinion. Especially the part about those complaining about it not knowing what someone gave for said ammo before attempting to sell it. And them requesting the ad be pulled may be depriving another member who is woefully short on brass 9mm from obtaining some, price be damned.

At this point in time, with Trump having not conceded and Biden's team not yet installed with the unknown that that may bring, I personally would not be willing to part with my 9mm at that price. Mostly because I couldn't replenish it for less. $35 per box of 50 is below market value in my neck of the woods. Maybe grab a box here and 2 there I could do it but I have no desire to be at Academy and stand in line to be limited on boxes.
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Originally posted by sigfreund:


This is why I reported the thread and didn’t comment in it. It’s not my place to determine if the sale is within the rules or not. It appears he recently bought the ammo and if that’s true then it’s very possible that he’s not making a profit on it.

Regardless it’s a much higher than normal price and historically that’s been frowned upon here.

Originally posted by bustabuddy:
And them requesting the ad be pulled...

I didn’t request that the ad gets pulled. I simply reported it, which is just pointing it out to the mods. What they decide to do from there is up to them.

And FWIW in the 12 years I’ve been here I bet I could count on one hand how many threads I’ve reported. It’s not a feature I use often.

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Originally posted by Pale Horse:
This is why I reported the thread and didn’t comment in it.

I spend a lot of time reading posts on the forum and have obviously been a member for a long time.

When I started here I would have never guessed that I would end up learning as much, if not more, about human nature and others’ attitudes and beliefs as I have about guns and shooting, but that’s what happened. Some of what I’ve learned about guns and my fellow human beings has changed my opinions, and much has not changed my opinions or has even reinforced what I believed before. The only things that have changed my opinions, though, were obviously the ones that challenged what I believed or what I believed I knew. As another consequence I believe I’ve become more open-minded and willing to listen to and consider those challenges.

None of that means I don’t still have strong opinions about many things that it would take a lot to change. As I say, part of that’s because I’ve had to examine them in light of challenges and therefore I could be more certain that I’m right and that I know why I’m right. As long as people present their opinions in a rational and respectful manner—and they’re not simply restatements of things I’ve heard and considered countless times before—I’m genuinely pleased to have something new to think about.

And one of the reasons I haven’t transgressed the clearly stated and implied rules badly enough to be shown the door like so many others over the years is because I have always paid attention to what the owners and moderators, but primarily parabellum, say here. One of the things that he has explicitly stated is that members should use the “report this post” feature if they believe it’s appropriate. He has also specifically reacted strongly against people who were believed to be taking advantage of temporary (or permanent) shortages to ask outrageous prices for the things they offer for sale here.

Turning to this specific issue, I believe it should be obvious to anyone who is familiar with all that what the basis of your concern was and why you decided to report it. You don’t need my approval for anything you decide to do, but for whatever it’s worth I do understand it.

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E tan e epi tas
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Will not be the last either.

It’s a volatile world at the moment. TP, PT, Ammo, Turkey’s all hard to come by. Hunker down, Batton your hatches and ride out the storm and then prepare for the next one.

"Guns are tools. The only weapon ever created was man."
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