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Has anyone used 124gr. Georgia Arms "canned Heat" in a 365? How did it work out? Any problems?
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No problems with Canned Heat in other pistols. No reason to believe there would be a problem in the P365.
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The question is why would you???
You can buy new ammo all day long for cheaper than GA canned heat. They used to have great prices but have fallen off the map for me with their pricing.
Had not been to their site in years and your post made me check back in. Nope no change still silly expensive.
$200 for a case of reman when you can buy new for $175.

Don’t get me wrong it is good ammo and I have shot quite a bit of it in years past when their prices were decent. But I see no reason to spend $25 more a case.

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I haven't bought any Canned Heat recently, but from my stock of old Canned Heat 124gr, it functions just fine in my 365.

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