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Just wondering if anyone has tried it and if so what are your likes and dislikes. I am specifically referring to the JHP variety.

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It cycles a pistol just fine and is reasonably accurate. However, the Sig V-crown JHP design is a very poor defensive choice in the smaller diameter bullets. In 9mm and .357sig it shows poor penetration, and a tendency to break apart when shooting through barriers since its jacket, and expansion petals are fragile. It is basically early 1990s bullet technology which favors the larger calibers. The .40 and .45 do "okay" with it, since the expansion petals on them are much thicker and robust.

I would stick with more proven designs like Federal HSTs, Federal Tactical Bonded, Speer Gold Dots, Winchester Ranger Talons, or Winchester Ranger Bonded.
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Speer 125 grain Gold Dot is my choice. I prefer the somewhat higher-velocity version, but there isn’t much difference between it and the much more common “limited penetration” load that the Air Marshals use (or did at one time).

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Personally, I'd only use their JHP ammo for plinking or bowling pin shoots.

Speer Gold Dots or Federal HSTs for me.

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I have the SIG branded .357sig ammo and have had zero issues. As far as the JHP, I have a couple of boxes which are in my ammo collection and have not yet fired, so I cant comment. I will say I have 10mm, 45, 9mm, and .357sig in FMJ SIG ammo and all have been good.

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I carry the Sig V-crown 125 grain ammunition.
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I like the FMJ they make but for defensive ammo I like gold dots or hornady Critical Duty

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Another vote for the Speer Gold Dots.
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During a Black Friday sale my Sig dealer had 357 Sig FMJ for $20.84/50 - I reload and this was the best for collecting brass - Hard to find on the floor. - I like the round and love my reloads -

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gold dot or hst here. would love to find some hst and kick myself often for not stocking up when it was available. I've got plenty of gold dot though. Also, both those rounds feed well in my sigs.
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Winchester Ranger bonded for me, love the stuff.
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125gr Cor-Bon JHP -- clocks an honest 1400fps+, and is among the most accurate rounds I've fired from any of my .357s.

Ironically, most accurate load, Georgia Arms FMJ.
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