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The Savage A17 in .17HMR is semi-auto.

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Originally posted by RHINOWSO:
Ronin, did Bendable hack your account? Razz Wink


I inherited a bunch of ammo for guns that were long gone when my father in law died. There was .222 Remington, 30-30, .22 rimfire ammo of all lengths, and most interestingly, 250 Savage. I assume there was a Model 99 in the gun cabinet at lone time, but I had known him for 25 or 30 years by then, and had never seen one. And there was no ammo for the rifles that were still around. (Which were Weatherbys in various expensive Weatherby calibers. He liked nice rifles, but had bought them before Weatherby got big.)

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Browning makes a T Bolt in 17HMR.

My friend of over 50 years and I went to the range about three years ago. At the time I was into handgunning only. He brought his Browning along, kept goading me "Try it." After a few times of this I tried it just to shut him up.

Damn if I didn't have a tighter group at 100 yards than he did with his own rifle. I got hooked.

The next week I started looking into the Savage and the Browning, ended up with the latter. Only difference is that I have a Nikon scope on mine, my first scoped rifle.

Last range day we had was July 4th. He had some CCI A17 ammunition and complained that he could not get the same grouping that he did with the 20gr. rounds. So I grabbed ten and loaded my magazine, results were 9 in a 1" group with one flyer out about a half inch.

I then told him "maybe it's the trigger puller!"

All in fun........

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All of the .17 rifles I've seen have all been bolt action.

I have a Henry lever action . Been a long time since I've seen it, let alone shot it. With the scope dialed in it was a lot of fun .
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.17 HMR is a very fun ground hog round. I let a kid shoot my 1/4 steel rimfire target until I saw he was almost shooting through them.
Savage makes a great bolt gun for not much money, that is just lots of fun to shoot. This round is accurate to over 100 yrds.


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.17 is usually pellets for air pistols and
About the same size as a BB.

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My experience with .17HMR is limited, but as follows:
Way faster than any .22, as accurate or way better out to 100 yards or so, still no need for hearing protection (when using a rifle), and more explosive on pests.

One more thing, I found ammo for it anytime I wanted when .22 anything was extinct.
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