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If you have the extra funds to purchase a 10 mm firearm, I'd say do it. They are a lot of fun to shoot and I purchased a Glock 20 Gen4 after renting one at a gun range. To me recoil is comparable to the P220 in 45 auto.
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I recently joined the 10mm club. I have some Hornady 180gr XTP w/ claimed 1180fps muzzle velocity. Is this good stuff?

I've heard Underwood and Buffalo Bore mentioned a lot. What are some of these SD ammo that will destroy an attacker's soul? What do you recommend?

I don't hand load, nor am I about to start.
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I just took my G20.4 out with some 220 underwoods and man do I like that combo. Recoil wasn't bad and I like having some extra power on tap with a very controllable gun. Its darn accurate too. I really think the dual sprung gen 4 is where its at.

I dip my toes into bear country now and then and I think this will be a great woods rig. I had a big bore revolver and unless the bear had its shoulders stuck into the broad side of a barn I'm not sure how effective I'd have been. Hope I dont ever have to find out.
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some manufacturer needs to offer up a three gun "set" in 10MM.
a d.a. revolver, a carbine and a semi auto single stack 1911

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Still finding my way
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If you like polymer framed 10mm pistols be patient. I have it on good authority that there will be another offering pretty soon. Wink
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Depends on your application but a Glock 20 with premium 6 inch barrel can wring out some impressive velocities. 15+1 rounds of double tap or similar on board is a lot of power before needing to reload.
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Originally posted by arcwelder76:
Originally posted by flhr95:
Seems like 10MM is becoming the new 40 caliber, is it worth investing in a 10MM firearm or is it a short lived attraction.

Uh, how old are you?

Or are you just tongue in cheek ignoring the history? Can't tell.

Define "investing."

10mm is here to stay, can't really say that about .40. It never achieved what they said it would.

Honestly, I kind of agree with the OP. .38 super is here to stay also and been around a long time. BUT, try finding commercially sold .38 super and (until recently with the resurgence of 10MM) 10MM. Up until recently they were a round that was great for reloaders, horrible for someone that just buys the ammo and EXPENSIVE. And if you do find commercially sold 10mm, it's loaded to about .40 caliber pressures anyways, a little more but not anywhere close to full 10 mm potential.

While .40 caliber is falling out of favor a little, it is still a very commercially available round and can find ammo for it on the shelf in just about any place that sells ammo. Even more so than any of your standard revolver rounds. During the ammo shortage a few years ago, it was about the only caliber you could find on shelves and it's 1/2 the price of 10mm.

But, you can always have a .40 caliber barrel fitted for a 10mm gun and shoot both. I see 10mm as a great woods pistol, and that's about it.
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Go to and objectively analyze the lab tests with 9mm, 40 S&W, and 10mm.

It makes sense and can provide a wise direction.
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