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If most or many episodes happen in low light … do you emphatically select low flash loads for your handguns and long guns?

Which (edit) low flash cartridges/shells are your choice?

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slam fires
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Hope it never happens BUT what ever is handy and the one I grab in what ever room I am in.
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Mostly JHP stuff unless it a shot gun and that be #3 buck
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From handguns, the training ammunition I’m familiar with (commercial reloads and Blazer aluminum, mostly), the muzzle flash can be significant enough to briefly obscure a target just barely seen in low light or even illuminated with a flashlight. I’ve never had any problem getting back and reacquiring the target, but it could be a detriment in a defensive situation.

With an AR-15 and military type ammunition (Lake City and IMI M193), the ordinary A2 flash suppressor does what it’s designed to, and I’ve never felt handicapped by the flash. Perhaps there’s some flash suppressant in the power that helps, but on the other hand from SBRs the muzzle flash with the same ammunition is literally awesome.

The best thing if at all possible would be to try the ammunition you’re considering under actual low light conditions.

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