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I did a small sample evaluation (a box apiece) of "Herter's" branded brass case and Geco, both in .380 from a Ruger LCP. No problems. The Herter's is sold at Cabela's and is made in Czech Republic by Sellier & Bellot, the Geco I got from a local sporting goods/gun shop and is Italian. The Italians seem to like to load .380 hot; like the "Perfecta" brand elsewhere on this page, the Geco had noticeably more recoil than average.

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I have used a lot of Geco in 9mm and .45ACP, never had an issue with any of it.

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I found the Herters to be dirty

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Geco 115 does not run in my mpx. Fails to eject.
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Geco 9mm brass has given me problems in reloading. It seems to be short/.

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Herters/S&B .380 is one of my favorite .380 loads. I purposely seek out S&B .380 when I'm looking for a .380 FMJ load.

When loaded as S&B they seal the primer. In the Herters loads I have seen, they dont use primer sealant. The S&B loads are hot, function 100%, and with sealed primers, consider them to be good to go for defensive use.

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