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Is it superior to a 223? Today at the range a guy was shooting a scoped Rock River Arms 300 Blackout getting ready for a hog hunting trip to Arkansas. He said they try for head shots. I had never seen the round before, he was shooting handloads with a black polymer tip.

The guy was real friendly, but I forgot to ask him what may seem like a dumb question: Is the 300 Blackout better than a 223 for hogs?
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300 Blackout=30 cal vs 5.56mm/.223=22 cal. It's bigger and heavier going to have better knock down/kill power. Chris
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.300 Blackout performs similarly to 7.62x39. I use 7.62x39 against hogs all the time, with good results. Just understand that you'll need to stick to closer ranges. (100 yards and under is my preference.)

.223 is usable, but not ideal. .300 would be a better choice.

With a hog, most calibers will suffice, provided you're close enough and have effective shot placement. (I even know people who have/do hunt hogs at close range with a .22, though it's not something I'd do.) Larger calibers just lessen the need to be as close and as precise.
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Sub or super sonic rounds?
Big difference in performance depending on weight and velocity.

I shoot 220gr bullets through my 16” carbine and 8.5” pistol. They work great for suppressors... very quiet, pretty good thump at close range. But basically 45ACP ballistics (220gr at 1000fps or less)

I have no xperience with the supersonic loads which are USUALLY about 110gr bullets running in the neighborhood of 2250 FPS.

I’ve also seen 147 and (I believe) 125gr offerings in 300blk.

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Don't know about hogs as I've not hunted any (yet) but 300 BLK with factory 110 Hornady drop deer out of my suppressed T/C rifle. I keep shots under 200 yards (Mostly under 100) and shoot for lungs.
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