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147 HSTs in my duty 226 and 124 Federal bonded in my backup 938. The 938 seems to like the lighter bullet. We also have carried 124 +P Gold Dots and HSTs , but I like the heavier bullet in my 226 full stainless duty gun.

After having shot +P and +P+ rounds, I find my old hands like the none +P heavier bullets...
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SG ammo is carrying 9BP's for $13.95/box of fifty.

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Originally posted by MRMATT:
SG ammo is carrying 9BP's for $13.95/box of fifty.
Oh? Maybe I should get some more, because this load (in blue 20-round boxes marked "Personal Defense") is showing discontinued on Federal's website. The "Train + Protect" load appears to be a close equivalent.
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Speer gold dot 147gr rn for me. First most the time I use a suppressor so you need subsonic ammo (I know some 124 are subsonic) but I always believed mast over speed. In SD mode I don't need my bullet speeding thru you. I want it to stay in you, so you can feel the heat and you take all shock of the bullet. The latest is Speer 147gr G2 used by the FBI and our special OPs.

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I carry 115gr Critical Defense.
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My personal preference is 147gr HST. We issue 124gr Gold Dot standard pressure for our P365 and LC9s. I'm not crazy about the standard pressure GD out of a short barrel, but it did alright when the Range tested it.
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I’ve standardized everything to 147gr HST.

Before I used 124gr HST or GDHP, depending what was more readily available.

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I like 124 grain HST in +P. Ballistics closely match NATO milsurp I shoot for practice.

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I've often found it interesting that the HST is the most recommended in 9mm but its the XTP in 380ACP.
Note not one mention of a 9mm XTP load in this thread.

I rarely carry a 9mm any more. But it was Federal 115 (9BP and 9BPLE) and then various 124 loads for me. These days I prefer a 45ACP with 230gr HST or Ranger-T with a 380ACP BUG loaded with either 90gr XTP or 95gr flat nose / truncated cone FMJ.

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115 gn Federal 9BP was one of the recommended loads to try in an older Sig P6 for reliability. Worked well for me and in my other 9 mm pistols. Found a sale on a case and never looked back.
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9 BPLE for me , 115 g +P+

thanks, shawn
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Federal HST and/or Speer Gold Dot in 147gr are my standard "go-to" rounds for carry. However, I recently picked up about 160 rounds of Underwood Speer 124 +P+ that I've been very impressed with.

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Federal HST is my preferred ammo for any caliber. I love how it expands and how consistent it is at its expansion. It also has very good weight retention when going through a variety of barriers.

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People can split hairs over this but it's hard to go wrong with Gold Dot 124+p's.

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I've migrated to 147 HST or G2 gold dots. They have functioned well in P320C, P320 SC, P226, M9, P239, S&W M&P 9 and 9c. I haven't tried them in the smaller frame/shorter pistols, so I can't recommend them to you. I'd tell you to get samples of a number of the loads mentioned here and try them out for reliability. Down range effects don't mean much if the pistol will not cycle them.
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9BPLE 115gr +P+ 1200-1300 FPS and has a good history.
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Sig Legion. Awesome.

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I like the HST 147gr.
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Presently my G17 mags are stoked with American Gunner Hornady 115gr. XTP’s.
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