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I have a Gemtech multimount in 9mm. I put a factory Sig threaded barrel on my P226 (22Lr) With a barrel adapter, I can screw it on. Will it work? Is it safe?
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Short answer yes.

long answer. If you can't clean the can, clean the baffle stack. I would not use 22lr in it.

If you can clean the baffle stack. have at it.

I run 22lr through my ghost -m and odessa 9. Hell even through my form 1 45 acp can.
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Will it work? Yes
Is it safe? Yes
Can you clean it? Yes
Check serial number on the can. If greater than S11-48336--the 1st baffle is titanium.
Recommended cleaning intervals are <250 rounds or carbon build up will result in difficult disassemble. Rimfire will create a large buildup of carbon and lead.
It's a lightweight suppressor--8 ounces, 7.1"--all aluminum.
It will be a bitch to clean.
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If you would like to suppress the sound even more on the initial few rounds, you can cover the muzzle end of the suppressor with a piece of black electrical tape. The first round will penetrate the tape, containing some of the noise creating escaping gases. This containment of gases will diminish as you run more rounds through the tape and the hole becomes larger.

Is putting electrical tape over the muzzle safe? Yes, hunters have been doing this for many, many years to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the barrel should the muzzle inadvertently hit the ground, thus preventing a kaboom caused by a dirt clogged barrel.
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