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Who was the first real "celebrity" you have met in person?

For me it was Johnny Weismueller, Olympic Gold Metalist swimmer (5 gold metals) and Tarzan movie star. I was about 5 or 6 years old and he autographed a photo I still have.

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David Joyner, the guy who played Barney (the big purple dinosaur). The show was filmed near my home town, and my 3rd grade teacher's daughter was one of the actresses on the show. He came and spoke to our class. Even though at ~8 years old we were a bit old for Barney, we still thought it was pretty cool.

Around the same time, I got to meet and get an autograph from Jim Abbott, the one-armed pitcher for the California Angels. My dad won Texas Rangers tickets through his work, and it included some sort of VIP package where we got to meet several of the players from both teams before the game. Jim Abbott is the only one that stands out in my memory, though.
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Jack Morris with the Detroit Tigers during the 80s when I was a teen or pre-teen. I was a huge fan, but what a douche. I can understand being that way towards sports reporters, but he was the same towards fans. Probably would've made Copperstown if it weren't for his attitude/personality.

Since then - Craig T Nelson, Andre Aggassi, 2 astronauts (1 was salt of the earth and other was a douche), Derek Jeter, and Dallas Seavey (met him 4x and once was talking one on one over a beer for 15 min a few days before Iditarod).

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Originally posted by T-Boy:
Who was the first real "celebrity" you have met in person?

For me it was Johnny Weismueller, Olympic Gold Metalist swimmer (5 gold metals) and Tarzan movie star. I was about 5 or 6 years old and he autographed a photo I still have.

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Mine have all been airport events. George Brett sat next to me in first class several years ago. That was really neat. Since then, I have seem, mark mcgwire, tony gonzalez, warren moon, guy fieri, and eddie Murphy on planes.

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women dug his snuff
and his gallant stroll
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Joe Montana. It was the late 1980's at the height of his sports-stardom. I was about 10 years old and he was a complete asshole.
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Jerry Miculek
Him and Lena came to shoot a match at the range I'm a member at.


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Howard Hughes in 1950 or so. My granddad was one of his top managers, having started in 1919.

I still have the pocket watch from Hughes Tool Co. he got for 30 years service.

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Roman Gabriel. I was seven. His wife was a looker.

Later in life, among many other acquaintances and happenstances, I ran into Sammy "The Bull" Gravano in O'Hare.

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Michael Landon
About 1960 or 61, I was 5 or 6. After standing in line to throw some change in a collection pot at the MDA Telethon in Nashville for what seemed like hours, I got to shake his hand.

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It was the corn king giant and little Oscar. My dad managed meat markets for a local chain. I was about 5 or 6.
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Met several, most notable, Fred Bear, Bo Jackson, Pat Dye, Bill Kazmaier (at one time the worlds strongest man-shook hands with him ,like grabbing a brick)

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President Ford
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I think the first ones I ever met were at a gun show in Dallas in the early 1980s--they were "stable" actors of Warner Bros. and for a modest fee to their favored charity I could be photographed with them and get their autographs. (I still have that picture up in my safe.) In that venue, of course, they were all very personable. ETA: Just remembered one of the names--Ben Cooper. I especially remember him as a very troubled GI in one of the "Combat" TV episodes, firing a Tommy Gun.

Some years later, at the Stockyards in Fort Worth, I met both Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. Chuck was a real AH, but Johnny was just a good kid (and incredibly skilled with a lasso).


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Estes Kefauver...well, heard him talk in our little town, signed up for mailers, got Christmas cards from the family even after he died.

First one I actually met was Charles Schulz of Peanuts who gave a talk at our high school church group (MYF, JAllen). Ended. Up being my Sunday school teacher for years.

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local guy,
sailor bob,
did a kids show on tv
went to school with his son,

as far as nationally famous,, Dave Wakeling, Night Ranger, a couple governors (including our Gov Wilder), bunch of NASCAR drivers at events,

Bobby Allison used to come by a store I managed to talk to one of my employees,, her son used to go cart race with Davey

most famous, at least to me , was working tables across the aisle and talking to Carlos Hathcock
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Linda Lovelace...she was all choked up when I had to leave.
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NASCAR Driver David Pearson, at the 1964 Chicago Auto Show stands out as the first, I think. We talked for a couple minutes, and he was an outstanding guy.

A couple years later, I spent half an hour talking one-on-one with Carroll Shelby at a Ford dealership in Minneapolis. He was a Texan's Texan, tall, broad-shouldered, exceptionally knowledgeable and well-spoken.

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Art Monk was one that I actually remember. I met several other Redskins at Vienna Inn as a kid. Mom would take me there for chilli dogs, and Pac-Man and I assume so she could drink. Lots and lots of 80's players frequented the place. I loved that place, my favorite team's players and video games, it was heaven.


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Stan Musial. I was about ten years old and at a Cardinals game at the old Sportsman's Park, first row of boxes overlooking the dugout. Stan was playing pepper with a couple of others before the game. As he headed towards the dugout, I called out, "Hey, Stan, can I have the ball?" He tossed it to me before going down. Caught up with him years later, told him the story, and he autographed it for me.
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